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Covington’s Eastside High School Students Join the Macy’s Day Parade

Covington, Georgia is home to several successful students. From kindergarten through 12th grade, Newton County offers schools that encourage students to focus on their academics and get involved with positive extracurricular activities while doing so. Two students from Covington’s Eastside High School, Austin Barnett and Reid Waters, do both of these things and this year their extremely hard work is paying off.

Both high school men are members of The Pride of Eastside Marching Band at Covington’s Eastside High School, and they have been chosen to be a part of MACY*S Great American Marching Band in the MACY*S Day Parade on Thanksgiving Day. The two high school juniors from Eastside High will be representing Newton County and their very own Eastside High School band by playing the saxophone and the trumpet. They are two of the eleven students who were chosen from Georgia. Overall, 228 high school band members were chosen from all around the country.

The MACY*S Great American Marching Band is a prestigious tradition that high school band members all around the country dream of participating in. This year, being a part of the MACY*S Great American Marching Band is no longer just a dream for Newton County’s very own Austin Barnett and Reid Waters, but a very exciting reality! The two Eastside High band members will be leaving for New York, New York on Saturday, November 22nd and will do what they do best, play their instruments, live for the whole nation on Thanksgiving Day.

Covington, Georgia is full of talented, young men and women who are thriving in Newton County’s schools. Covington, and all of Newton County, is so proud of these two young men! On Thanksgiving Day, make sure you tune into the MACY*S Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC. Also make sure to keep your eye out for the MACY*S Great American Marching Band and of course, for Covington’s very own talented band members!

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