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Newton County Civil War History- Kitty's Cottage

Newton County Civil War historyCovington, Georgia was one of the towns that were hugely impacted by the Civil War. Due to the immense amount of history in the Newton County, we have many Historic Markers in our town. One of those historic makers is at Kitty’s Cottage in Oxford, Georgia. Bishop James O. Andrew inherited Kitty Andrew when she was 12 years old. It was stated in the Mrs. Powers will (the woman who passed Kitty down to Mr. Andrew) stated that Kitty would be given the option to return to Liberia when she turned 19. Liberia had a colony for freed slaves because at the time it was illegal in Georgia for her emancipation. However, Kitty wished to stay with the Bishop and his family. Since Bishop Andrew was unable to free her, he built her the cottage on his property to live in. The cottage is two-room, white-clapboard cottage. Which was perfect for Kitty to live her life in happily. She eventually went on to marry a freeman and they lived happily with their three children. Sadly, Kitty passed away in 1850. Her cottage was moved to the Salem Campground in 1932. While there it served as a museum and storage building. Luckily, in 1994, the town of Oxford, Georgia was able to bring the house back to its home. Now it stands just fifteen paces away from Oxford’s Old Church. The home is now marked with a historic marker. It is located behind the Old Church on Wesley Street in Oxford, Georgia. If you want to learn more about Newton County Civil War history, come check out our many historic markers. You would be amazed by the amount of Civil War history we have in our beautiful County. Stay tuned to learn how Kitty's Cottage caused a split in the Methodist Church.

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