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Ribbon Cuttings & Ground Breaking Ceremonies

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies for Members

Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies are a free service we provide to Chamber Members Only. Ceremonies can be performed by themselves or as a part of an open house or grand opening or announcing an addition or expansion of your business. We supply our member the camera, ribbon and official scissors. To qualify, you must be a member in good standing of the Newton County Chamber of Commerce and:

  • You should be within your first year of opening your business
  • OR you should be within a year of purchasing an existing business
  • OR you should be an existing business in a new location

There are many benefits to having a ribbon cutting ceremony for your new business or location. The Newton Chamber Ambassadors attend ribbon cutting ceremonies on behalf of the Chamber Membership. Having Ambassadors in your business provides excellent networking and publicity opportunities. For more information, contact Amelia Fazio at 770-786-7510 or via email at afazio@newtonchamber.com.


WHAT THE CHAMBER DOES: (Costs are covered through your Chamber Membership)

  • Sends out a broadcast email to Ambassadors and Chamber Board Members to notify them of Your opening
  • Promotes the event beforehand on NewtonChamber.com and on our calendar (subject to Deadline)
  • Provides the ribbon and scissors
  • Attends the event and takes pictures – Photos emailed to you upon request
  • Provide a framed picture of the even




  • Choose a date for the event (from a list of available dates provided by the Chamber) – Please Coordinate this with the Chamber well in advance to ensure strong attendance. (A two week notice is preferred)
  • Determine a list of invitees (The Chamber invites the Membership as well as the Media and local elected officials; however, we recommend that you extend an invitation to any VIP’s, friends or family members).
  • Invite the Media – The Covington News, Newton Citizen, Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • Provide refreshments for those in attendance – this is entirely up to you
  • Prepare an agenda (We strongly encourage you to prepare an agenda, even if it’s just a back- of-an-envelope kind of thing. These events run much more smoothly with an agenda)




  • Welcome Guests – done by the Chamber President, Board Chairman, or representative
  • Introduction of Company President or Manager
  • Introduction of Company – Explain what you do
  • Cutting of the Ribbon – usually done by President or Manager
  • Thank everyone for attending and invite them to tour their business




  • The further ahead you book your ribbon cutting, the more publicity we can give your event.
  • Ribbon cuttings are held on Tuesday at 11:00 AM or 2:00 PM or Thursday at 11:00 AM (Tuesday ribbon cuttings typically have a much stronger attendance).
  • Keep in touch with the Chamber as your plans progress.
  • Expect approximately 10-15 guests on behalf of the Chamber (Ambassadors, Board Members, Chamber Staff, ect.)
  • Will parking be an issue? If so, please let us know where you would like guests to park, so we can inform them in advance.