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Visit Newton County Georgia for the Newborn Tour of Homes

Newborn Georgia Tour of Homes and LandmarksNewton County Georgia seems to always have something going on, and something for everyone at that!  Now, more exciting than ever is the Newborn Tour of Homes and Landmarks.  The hopes and dreams of the past are preserved in this truly southern town.  They look back fondly on their town's past, and remember the families that built it.

If you don’t know anything about Newborn, then here is a brief but enticing historical preview!  The town of Newborn is part of Newton County and was originally named Sandtown when it was established in the 1820’s.  Though it still stands and flourishes today, it wasn't always that way.  Due to fire and neglect many of the original buildings, including hotels, a bank, a dentist shop, a movie theater, and more are long gone.  The Civil War was especially damaging to the town after Sherman passed through in November of 1864.  With all this in mind Newborn residents have gone above and beyond to preserve what they hold dear.

Newborn is currently hosting this tour that offers many different sights to see and walk through: from an old plantation, to a warehouse-turned library, to several churches, and many homes.  It’s amazing to think you can walk back in time, all thanks to the Newborn residents who have gone to great lengths to preserve their history.

Whether you are a history fanatic or just want to know what life was like 'back when', then tours are available for you to check out! The Newborn Town Tour of Homes and Landmarks is definitely a must do while in Newton County, Georgia. The history is amazing, the homes beautifully preserved, and the southern hospitality top notch! Come for the stories, and leave feeling warm and happy! After all, “Sherman came through - why not you?”

For details you can log onto http://www.newborntourofhomes.org/tour-homes.html or connect with them on Facebook

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