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Vampire Diaries Fan Question: What To Do When There Is No Episode To Watch?

Jessica Lowery, Mystic Falls Tours, Vampire Diary ToursGuest Blog Post By Jessica Lowery, Chief Vampire Stalker of Mystic Falls Tours What on earth do we do here in the Hollywood of the South, Covington, Ga when no new Vampire Diaries episodes will be seen that week? You go watch Vampire Diaries filming locations…that's what you do! Now don't you wish you lived here and got to do this with us? Maybe you can't just up and move to Covington, Ga. but that's OK...you are welcome to join us here in Covington for a few days at least. Take a Mystic Falls Tour, visit all the beautiful spots and if you are super lucky maybe, just maybe you will get to see some The Vampire Diaries filming locations too. Yep, that's a good day in my book. I'll tell you a little secret, my favorite spot to watch The Vampire Diaries filming locations from is inside Tropical Nails. I love, love, love to go inside, sit down and enjoy the hot buttered rum pedicure, while the stars of my favorite show stand out front and film scenes. This week we saw many stars on set…I wish I could tell you specifics but that would take all the fun out of watching...so I won't be able to share a bunch of spoilers with you.  Tip of the day: If you do like that kind of thing then you should come see us for a Vampire Diaries tour. This is what I can tell you here, there were a lot of cast members on set so there was some pretty good stuff going on. I can tell you they were filming the next to the last episode for season 4. Almost time for them to finish season 4 up and take their 6 week break to enjoy some much needed downtime. Filming did mostly take place at the Mystic Grill and there was lots of wind…you will have to wait and see what I mean when it airs. Lots of unexpected stuff as well as they get ready for the much anticipated finale. Make sure you tune in Thursday, April 19th to see the latest episode. I can tell you this episode was also filmed here in Covington, Ga. and features our Town Square and the home used for Rebecca's house  (both are stops on our tour). I've always loved Prom and it will be fun to see how much Rebecca enjoys this prom while Elena will probably be the complete opposite. That's just a guess though so we can see how right I usually am when it comes to guessing the future of The Vampire Diaries. See you all back here on Friday so we can discuss the episode! Don't forget to tweet me up at @vampirestalkers and let me know what you thought of the show.
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