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Vampire Diaries Episode Review- On Location In Covington Georgia

Jessica Lowery, Mystic Falls Tours, Vampire Diaries Tours Guest Blog Post By Jessica Lowery (AKA- The Vampire Stalker)   WARNING SPOILERS BEWARE:   Ritual Complete, Now what? Tweet me and tell me what you think @vampirestalkers Scene 1: BAD DAMON, can you say, YES please? Too bad it was only a teaser of the 70's, cause I sure do miss Bad Damon. Best line of the night? "Are you that serial killer, Son of Sam? Son of Jesspiy but close enough…" Damon always has the best one liners with Klaus as a close second. Why did we get to see that glimpse into Damon's past? Seems it was time to learn about Lexi and what she actually did or didn't mean to Damon. It was also a good way to hear more about the problems shutting off your humanity can cause all while Damon secretly searches for the cure. Elena may not have her humanity, but she soon figures out what Damon is up to. In comes Rebecca and you have to wonder who's side she will be on by the end of the night. Everyone knows that Rebecca only wants the cure for herself, but I wonder how many of you feel she would be the best person to receive it? The cool thing about this episode is we do learn why Damon staked Lexi in the alley way back in season 1. I love when things like that finally come full circle for the fans who have stuck around and are ready to learn more about their favorite characters. Although Elena and Rebecca taking Damon's car at the end was a site to see! I never thought I would see the day Elena would do anything with Rebecca or that Elena would continue to have fun without her humanity for this long. It's nice to see we're not gonna get a super quick fix. As we get caught up in the past and everyone tries to save Elena by first getting her humanity back and then making her take the cure back home, a war is being waged. Silas who has  taken over Shane's body tries to convince Bonnie that she can save Jeremy by completing the Dark ritual. First, can I say it's about time Kat Graham got to show how awesome she is as an actress! Second, can I say we all know if the guilt of Jeremy's death wasn't eating her alive, there is no way she would ever agree to kill twelve witches. Bonnie has always been on the good side and it's hard to see her with her eyes completely white, deceiving her kind. At the same time it's amazing to see Bonnie come in and take control. My question is: How many of you want her to take that step and go to the dark side? I am guessing that all the Team Jeremy shippers out there were hoping and praying it would work so that they could see the beloved Steven McQueen again. I must say I am still a little on the fence with this one.  I am looking forward to the next few episodes and seeing what will happen now that Caroline has made this major mistake and caused the death of the witches. 3rd team of the night would be Stefan, Caroline and Klaus. Did you ever think that would happen? As Stefan and Caroline try to convince Klaus that Silas bringing back every supernatural creature he ever killed could be a bad thing, we see that Caroline may miss Tyler, but she still cares for Klaus no matter what she says. As the episode unfolds, we see the trio search Shane's office, learn about the 3rd part of the triangle and eventually go off in search of Bonnie. When Stefan finds the ritual taking place he tries to stop it while Klaus just wants to let the witches kill Bonnie. Caroline of course can't allow her BFF to be killed, so she tries to stop the witch, but ends up killing all twelve...completing the ritual all on her own. The best part of these scenes for me was when Klaus talked about evil villains like himself and having minions to do their dirty work. Ha Ha! I do wish at the end of the night when Caroline opened up and cried that Klaus would have comforted her, but instead he made sure to remind her that she hated him. Lastly, Silas MEET Klaus. I know we have all been waiting for this moment to happen…but I must say I am a little disappointed that it happened while Silas was in Shane's body. I just don't see Shane as anything other than a weak person and I wanted Silas to debut as a big time supernatural being that no one can come up against. I would love to see what you guys thought about last night's episode and what you think will happen in next weeks? I have two questions for you: 1. Who do you want to see play Silas when he finally gets a body of his own? 2. Do you think Steven McQueen will return sometime soon and if so in what form? Leave a comment below or tweet us at @vampirestalkers, then join me again next week from the picturesque city of Covington, Georgia which is the Vampire Diaries filming location!
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