2101 Clark Street
Covington, GA 30014


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Tourist Attractions in Georgia: Vampire Diaries and The Walk of Stars Tour

Covington aka the Hollywood of the South is one of the best places to visit in GeorgiaGeorgia...the state that gave us yummy peaches, the 1996 Olympics and the Braves. Georgia...the state known for its historical roots and Southern hospitality is now a booming Hollywood hotspot! That’s right! There’s a reason why people like you are planning trips full of things to do in Georgia and looking for tourist attractions in Georgia. One word—Covington…Two words—Vampire Diaries! Many Hollywood enthusiasts are touring Georgia for its tastiest peach of all, Covington’s most notable attraction, “The Walk of Stars!” Covington is known as the “Hollywood of the South,” and is partly responsible for Georgia’s boom in population and economic recovery over the last few years. With Hollywood heartthrobs  like Ian Somerhalder a.k.a Damon Salvatore , Paul Wesley a.k.a Stephan Salvatore and starlets such as Nina Dobrev a.k.a Elena Gilbert in town who could blame them? But, don’t let this love triangle fool you. There’s a little something for everyone on this tour! For instance, Covington has had countless movies and television shows film in the area earning Covington its nickname. The Walk of Stars tour highlights all the films and TV shows filmed in Covington, and the Hollywood persuasion that’s making Georgia a rising state in the United States. The entertainment industry and fans alike take notice.  The Vampire Diaries fans definitely have taken notice of this small town with good reason. The Walk of Stars tour starts you out in downtown Covington at the corner of Clark and Hendrick Street where a scene took place in the film “A Man Called Peter,” with “Rev. Peter Marshall” played by Richard Todd in 1954. Stay with me because the experience continues throughout the town giving you a feel for the Hollywood influence mixed with Georgia’s southern roots and local charm. It’s the very charm of Covington that plays host to America’s newest vampire hotties Damon and Stephan and some of the local gems include famous Hollywood spots as seen in American Reunion, My Cousin Vinny, Halloween II, and arguably the most popular-- The Vampire Diaries . The Vampire Diaries seen on The CW Network is filmed in Covington giving this southern town a little taste of the dark side of being immortal. The Walk of Stars will not disappoint you as it takes you to special areas of town where influential scenes had filming locations for the series including the Mystic Grill which is being made into a real restaurant for you to enjoy and be sucked into; excuse the pun! The Vampire Diaries Tour entertains patrons of all ages giving each individual a unique experience full of culture, intrigue, and magic of the Hollywood of the South! Be a part of one of the most exciting things to do in Georgia that boasts a little bit of something for everyone ranging from The Vampire Diaries to The Dukes of Hazzard. Experience The Walk of Stars in Covington Georgia and experience Hollywood from 1954 with “A Man Called Peter,” through today with The Vampire Diaries. Come home and tell us about your visit to the best tourist attractions in Covington, Georgia!
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