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Tourist Attractions in Georgia: Newton County's Front Porch- Mansfield

Places to visit in Georgia, the Charlie Elliott Wildlife centerFor those looking for quiet and charming tourist attractions in Georgia, Mansfield Ga is a rural town located 40 miles east of Atlanta. With a population of just over 300 residents the town is quiet but full of charm. It has a  distinct community atmosphere, something that is sometimes rare to find. The history dates back to the 1890s when the Carmel Land Improvement Company began land purchase activities to establish a new town called Mansfield, lovingly referred to today as Newton County's front porch. If you are a naturalist looking for places to visit in Georgia, you will not want to leave the Peach state without visiting the Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center. This 6,400 acre area is centrally located in the state in a beautiful wooded setting near Mansfield, Georgia, making it easily accessible from Atlanta, Athens and Covington. Managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center offers a variety of activities and programs for all ages. Just because Mansfield is a small town, it still has big flavor. While you are visiting, stop in at Where There's Smoke BBQ. After doing a few BBQ competitions just for fun, the family owners decided it would be fun to cook for others every weekend.  The first WTSBBQ location was open on Saturdays only in Mansfield, GA in 2009.  Within 6 months they expanded their hours to Thursday - Saturday. According to the locals, the honey mustard BBQ sauce and fried potato salad are worth the drive, making this one of the best places to visit in Georgia! Allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking landscape in Georgia by staying in historic Mansfield for a few days. Your family with thank you for the fresh air, beautiful views and unhurried pace, while still enjoying plenty of things to do in Georgia.
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