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Tourist attractions in Georgia: Flight Joins The Walk of Stars

The city of Covington provides plenty of tourist attractions in Georgia for film and tv fansIf you know where to look it is easy to find the many tourist attractions in Georgia.  For instance, Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012 the city of Covington, Ga revealed the first pavers of the now famous Walk of the Stars.  Similar to Hollywood, the walk recognizes the actors, actresses and productions that have been through this small town and helped it earn the nickname The Hollywood of the South.  From classics such as Remember the Titans and Dukes of Hazzard to lesser known films and shows many celebrities have graced the presence of this small town. Denzel Washington is one of the many A-listers in the lucky group. Not only was Remember the Titans filmed here, but one of his latest action thrillers, Flight, had pivotal scenes here as well. The dramatic Plane crash scene was filmed just outside the city over the course of a few weeks at Green Valley Farms. The crew built a church which would be hit by the plane during the crash from the ground up in just a matter of days. Now a tourist attractions in Georgia Hot Spot of its own, the Walk of Stars attracts viewers of all ages.  It's one of the great things to do in Georgia.  Fans of The Vampire Diaries to Fans of Dukes of Hazard alike visit the small town to feel closer to their beloved shows.  Not only does Covington have many of The Vampire Diaries filming locations, but people also visit for the Vampire Diaries Tours.  Honoring the actors, producers, and directors of the productions that put Covington on the map is just a small token of appreciation, and provides an interesting thing to do in Georgia for movie and TV show fans looking for tourist attractions in Georgia. Visit the Newton County Visitors Bureau on 2101 Clark Street to get your map! When you check in on Facebook or Foursquare, you will receive a map for free! You won’t want to miss any of the hot spots! Denzel Washington’s is one of the first stops, on the corner of Clark and Monticello.
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