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Tourist Attractions in Georgia: Covington Walk of Stars: I'll Fly Away

Things to do in Georgia: Visit the city of Covington, known as the Hollywood of the SouthOf all the tourist attractions in Georgia, Covington is famous for its Hollywood activity and filming locations, earning it the nickname Hollywood of the South. A charming town with friendly people and versatile landscapes, it’s no wonder location scouts select the little town as a great filming destination.  There have been so many films shot in what is now termed “Hollywood of the South,” that Covington, Ga decided to create a walking tour to honor everything filmed in the area. The Walk of Stars is a marvelous tour that will detail all the famous programs, films, and movie stars that have worked in the area. In the early nineteen nineties, the television show, "I'll Fly Away", was filmed in Covington and other locations around Newton County. "I’ll Fly Away", was a popular hour long television program centering on a Southern lawyer during the nineteen fifties. The actor, Sam Waterston, famous for his role in "Law and Order", stayed in Covington during the film. Waterston famously portrayed DA Forrest Bedford, who was involved with the Civil Rights movement, which created issues for his family.  Many of the television program’s scenes were shot around Covington Square and in some of the lovely historic homes in town. Besides, "I’ll Fly Away", over sixty films have had filming in Covington and the Newton County area. The Hollywood influence has brought a boom in tourism to the town and continues to build Covington’s economy.  So, come on down to one of the best things to do in Georgia and take a walk through the Hollywood of the South.
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