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Tourist Attractions In Georgia Covington Walk Of Stars: A Man Called Peter

Things to do In Georgia, the Hollywood of the South: Covington Walk Of Stars: A Man Called PeterGeorgia is a vibrant, exciting and modern state which provides the ideal location for anyone who wants to take a relaxing and fun vacation; visitors will find plenty of things to do in Georgia.  Its unequaled theme parks, historic sites and shopping scene provide any traveler to the area with a perfect getaway. Georgia also has a very lively entertainment sector, thus movie enthusiasts can easily take a filming locations tour of the area and visit sites such as Covington, Ga to view pavers from the Covington Walk of Stars. In essence, through the Covington Walk of Stars, visitors can review information about the productions that have taken place in the area, and also know about the different locations with pavers on various productions. A filming locations tour is certainly a great idea for people looking for things to do in Georgia. Covington has over time been termed as the Hollywood of The South, and this is for a very good reason; the town hosts numerous filming locations in Georgia, making it one of the most exciting tourist attractions in Georgia. The fact that it played host in the filming of  "A Man Called Peter" is just the key reason why it obtained the name Hollywood of the South. The film was centered on the life of a preacher called Peter Marshall and it was produced in 1955, with Henry Koster as the director. The story gives a very much practical account of the life of a Christian preacher. Some of the scenes in this film were shot at the First United Methodist Church in Covington, with cast including Arthur Tovey and Larry Kent. Many other movies have since then been filmed in Covington, thus visitors can be certain to have a real feel of Hollywood by visiting Covington --it  certainly  has the most interesting things to do and tourist attractions in Georgia.
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