2101 Clark Street
Covington, GA 30014


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Tourist Attractions in Georgia are FUN in Newton County!

Tourist attractions in Georgia for Hollywood South VacationsNewton County, better known as the Hollywood of the South, is full of exciting and fun tourist attractions in Georgia.  Whether you are looking for Vampire Diaries tours or In The Heat Of The Night filming locations, places to eat in Covington, or even if you're planning a corporate event in Georgia- the Hollywood of the South has it all! Here is a list of some things to do in Covington, Ga : Fun activities in Newton County! Even if this is your first time visiting Covington, Georgia, the region may look familiar as it was the In the Heat of the Night filming location and The Dukes of Hazzard filming locations. The city also has played host to the cast and crew of a handful of major motion pictures. If you're visiting this famous city with your family, you'll find no shortage of tourist attractions in Georgia. Covington, Ga also features an historic downtown square with places to shop, places to eat, and places to just enjoy the Southern charm and beautiful weather the city has to offer.  If you're planning on staying for an event, or just to get the most out of your stay, there are plenty of wonderful places to stay for you to choose from. Plan your Hollywood South Vacation today! Source: USA Today
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