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Things To Do in Georgia: The Burge Plantation

Places to visit in Georgia: The Burge Plantation in Covington GeorgiaThere are many fun and exciting things to do in Georgia, and the gorgeous Burge Plantation is one of them!  The Burge Plantation is full of fascinating history that makes it a necessary place to visit in Georgia; from Native American settlements to the Civil War.

Wiley Burge bought the property in 1809 and soon turned it into a successful farm land.  His son Thomas inherited the farm and continued to develop the land.  Thomas's wife, Dolly Lunt Lewis, wrote in a journal from 1848 through 1879. Her writings have been published and in 1997 she was included in the series; "Southern Voices from the Past: Women's Letters, Diaries, and Writings".

Dolly was left in charge of the plantation when Thomas died of tuberculosis in 1858.  The plantation was impacted when the 14th Corps of Sherman's two-pronged March to the Sea.  Dolly detailed this experience in her diary;"..like demons they rush in. My yards are full. To my smoke house, my Dairy, pantry, kitchen, and cellar. Like famished wolves they come..”  The Burge plantation has been passed down through the family.  It is now not only a farm but an entertainment facility and private club.  This historic and lovely home is included in the Covington Historic Homes tour and should definitely be on your list of things to do in Georgia.

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