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Things To Do In Georgia: The Alcovy River Ramble

Tourist attractions in Georgia: the Alcovy River is a great place to visit in GeorgiaLooking for things to do in Georgia this weekend? On Saturday the 8th of June, be sure to come by the Alcovy Conservation Center to take part in the Alcovy River Ramble!  This juncture allows you to discover even more about the eastern area of the river, such as the West Bear creeks as well as historic homes in this area of the county.   The extraordinary Burge Plantation will be viewed along with the lovely Belcher- Costley house.  The exquisite Mount Pleasant and Gaither Plantation will also be a part of this grand tour.   The Alcovy River Ramble is the perfect opportunity for anyone who loves history and is looking for something fun to do in Georgia while learning more about the fascinating story of Newton County.  The Ramble is one of the great things to do Georgia!

 The Alcovy River Ramble is a fundraiser for the Georgia Wildlife Federation and will assist the Alcovy River Greenway project.  The project hopes to inspire property owners on the river to conserve the waterway and its resources.  It will also offer a great educational prospect for the community. The guided tour is based on the book Ulcofauhatchee: A guide to life along the Alcovy River, which is a 40 page full color book that is given to every tour participant. The River Ramble works with a Five Star Restoration project in collaboration with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Southern Company.

The program aspires  to uphold community stewardship of environmental resources.  If you are interested in history, care about the environment, and are looking for tourist attractions in Georgia, then come show your support at the Alcovy River Ramble!  The fun starts at 2:00pm and tickets for the tour are available at 20 dollars and 50 dollars for the tour and dinner.  The Alcovy River Ramble should be on your list of things to do in Georgia!  We hope to see you there!

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