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Things To Do In Georgia: Small Town Connections of Newborn Tour and Book

Linda Williams WoodworthGuest Blog Post By Linda Williams Woodworth One of the joys of working on our new book Newborn, GA  Characters, Places and Tales, has been learning about the interconnectedness of things to do in Georgia within a community of just a few square miles.  On the Newborn Tour of Homes you will see the beautiful Porter Manor House and Gardens - the former dormitory for the Palmyra Institute, which preceded the Newborn Schoolhouse, also on the tour.  You'll see the Plott House, which is the former parsonage for the Newborn Methodist Church - which is also on the tour.  Next door is the Dobbs Home, formerly the Smith home, where Elizabeth Smith grew up.  As an adult, she and her husband purchased the Burge Bolton Home, also on the tour.  Across the street is the Burge Plantation Story cottage on our tour - Wiley Burge was one of the founders of Newborn United Methodist Church in the early 1800's.  Newborn UMC is also on the tour.  
In today's global village, where families are scattered across time zones, this seems like a very different way of life but also one to be savored.   Small town connections build on community, neighbors, friendship, and fun.  Newborn is trying to rekindle those connections with all of the great events culminating with the Tour, book release, UMC homecoming and Schoolhouse reunion on October 19.   
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