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Things to do in Georgia: On Location Self-Guided Tour

On Location Self-Guided TourIt’s fairly obvious how Covington has earned its name as the Hollywood of the South. It has been home to the filming of The Vampire Diaries, The Dukes of Hazzard, and In the Heat of the Night.  However unlike the Hollywood in California, where sets are not so accessible to the public, Covington shows some of their southern hospitality to by providing a self-guided tour for the fans of these films and series to enjoy! The On Location Self-Guided Tour is an opportunity to explore the places where some of the most memorable scenes were filmed. 

One of the most well-known series shot in Covington, In the Heat of the Night, has 17 different locations that fans can check out. Take a stroll past the Sparta Courthouse, hang out at Bubba’s apartment, and snap some photos of you in front of the Tibbs’ House! These and all the other iconic locations are there for you to discover at your leisure, just like you remember them on television!    

For those fans of the Duke boys, some locations included on the tour are the Hazzard County Square and Courthouse, the Seney Hall Jump scene, and The Boar’s Nest. We wouldn’t recommend their style of driving, but a bit of “hood-sliding” is always welcome!  

You don’t have to be an In the Heat of the Night fan or a Dukes of Hazzard to appreciate the sites either! Over 60 other film productions have taken advantage of the camera-ready scenery that is Covington!

Grab a brochure in the Visitor Information Center and begin your tour – On Location!

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