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Things To Do In Georgia: Civil War Cemetery Walking Tour

Historic things to do in Georgia cemetery walking tourThe Oxford Historical Shrine Society of Oxford Georgia provides cemetery walking tours. This site is great for history buffs interested in touring Civil War Sites. During the Civil War, Oxford College postponed academics and became a military hospital for soldiers returning from Civil War battle sites from both the North and the South. This Civil War cemetery walking tour is located on present-day Oxford College’s campus near the “Old Church” which is the school’s first chapel. The Oxford Cemetery was established in 1837 for the residents of Oxford and those related to Emory college. Many prominent southern Methodists are associated with this college and town. Notable is Bishop James O. Andrew, the first delegate of the Emory Board of Trustees whose inheritance of an enslaved woman caused the long schism of the Methodist Church. Buried at the cemetery are many historical figures including eight of Emory College’s presidents and numerous southern Methodist leaders. A list of these notable figures can be found at (http://www.oxfordgeorgia.org/Assets/Files/CemeteryWalkingTrail.pdf) Also at this famous Civil War site is Kitty’s Cottage.  Kitty Andrew was the house’s first occupant. She was owned by James O. Andrew (mentioned earlier) who inherited her from his wife at her death. At her owner’s request, Kitty acquired her freedom at age 19. She had the choice of going to Liberia, an African colony for freed slaves. But instead, she decided to stay in America. The Andrew family built the cottage for her and she stayed on the property for the rest of her life working for the family. The Methodist church did not want a Bishop associated with slavery as the church’s doctrine was for abolition. The church was split until 1939 over the matter. This event, foreshadowing the nation’s separation, is referred to as “The Methodist Civil War”. The Cemetery Walking Tour is located on Wesley Street in Oxford, Georgia 30054.  Jim Waters is in charge of scheduling tours and can be reached at 770-786-2343.
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