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Things to do in Covington: Candlelight Christmas Tour

christmascandleIf you are searching for Holiday things to do in Covington, GA you should keep in mind the Candlelight Christmas Tour, which is going to be held on Saturday December 7, 2013.  It's being hosted by the Satsuki Garden Club.  On this tour you will be able to explore six different homes, five of which are located in Covington, GA.  Each home has its own unique beauty from different time periods. To read more about the tour itself go to Things to do in Covington: Candlelight Christmas Tour. The first stop on the tour is High Point at Chestnut Grove in Oxford, GA, which is the home of Jim and Glynora Watterson.  It was built in 1822, which is where it gets its Federal two-story style and Iconic columns.  It is said to have been built by Collin Rogers, who is a New England designer-builder.  In years to come, the 1830-1840’s, five bays, four additional rooms and porches were added. The name High Point at Chestnut Grove is a combination of the names given to the home from two of the previous owners.  John Pace Carr, the original homeowner, called the home “High Point,” most likely because that was a town the Carr family lived near when they lived in North Carolina.  Another previous owner was Methodist Bishop James O. Andrew; the name he gave the home was Chestnut Grove.  In 1935, photographs and plans were filed with Washington, D.C. by the First Historic American Building survey, later named the National Registry of Historic Places. To take you back in time, the moment you walk through the doors, the Watterson family has fully furnished the home with furniture from the 1820’s, including memorabilia from the Civil War High Point at Chestnut Grove is a great start to the Candlelight Christmas Tour.
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