2101 Clark Street
Covington, GA 30014


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The Vampire Diaries Series: The Vampire Dirty Chai Latte

The Square Perk is a cute corner café. It immediately transports you back to early southern times.  They offer an assortment of lunch items, coffees, and delicious desserts. Whatever it is you’re craving to eat, The Square Perk is sure to have it! Many people flock to the Square Perk for different reasons. For some, it’s the amazing food. Others go because they enjoy meeting up with friends and drinking coffee. A select few people will sit outside for a special reason though. To watch the filming of The Vampire Diaries on the Covington, Georgia square. That’s why we have something exciting to announce for all of you The Vampire Diaries fans out there. The Square Perk has sells a special vampire latte. They call it the Vampire Dirty Chai latte. This latte is a tongue-tingling mixture between chai tea and an espresso shot. The combination thrills even the most outgoing coffee drinker. I had trouble putting down the cup after my first sip! There is something special about this brew that makes it irresistible. This steaming hot brew is sure to attract the darkest of all vampires. One sip will turn the darkest vampire into the peppiest vampire ever. Next time you visit Covington, Georgia for The Vampire Diaries tour, make sure to stop in and try this latte. You never know who you might see filming in the Hollywood of the South while you’re drinking it!
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