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St. Patrick's Day at the Covington Square
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St. Patrick's Day at the Covington Square

Red clay and Southern architecture may not be exactly what one pictures when thinking about celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Most of us would visualize ancient castles in lush green countryside and The Cliffs of Mohr. St. Patrick’s Day is a day when the entire world can feel the love of the Irish people and all say “Erin Go Brah” (Ireland Forever). The Square in Covington has several options for you and your family to don your green and enjoy the day.

The Irish Bred Pub is a place that successfully merges the antique with the contemporary, giving it an authentic atmosphere of a pub lively downtown area. Their motto is "The Place Where Friends Meet", and this St. Patrick's Day you can do exactly that! They are hosting a small concert featuring up-and-coming artists like The Charms, Hendrix and Day, Tray Dahl & The Jugtime Ragband. Bring your friends and enjoy the jolly, festive mood deserving of this holiday. Admission is is five dollars per person. This will be their second annual St. Patty's Day concert, so come on by and make it a tradition for the upcoming years!

If pub life and concerts aren't your scene, there are still plenty of ways to share in the joy of Ireland around Covington. From taking a stroll, to visiting shops and grabbing something to eat and sitting in the park, there are a vast variety of activities you can take part in on the Square.  You can't go wrong with dinner at Mystic Grill, the infamous restaurant renown for appearing on The Vampire Diaries. Treat your friends and loved ones to a bite and a chat, then to satisfy your sweet tooth, stroll into Scoops. Scoops  is a sweet shop where you can purchase nearly any kind of candy, but they are mostly known for their delicious and variable ice-cream flavors. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, give the chocolate mint a try!

Afterwards, take in the  beautiful scenery of the downtown Covington! Stars in the sky and a beautiful green lawn to sit and enjoy your ice-cream makes a relaxing end to a luxurious day of celebration and companionship on this festive holiday.



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