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Sherryl Woods Series: From Book to TV
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Sherryl Woods Series: From Book to TV

Film and TV Tourism Thriving in Newton County

When Sherryl Woods wrote her Sweet Magnolias book series, she couldn’t have imagined that someday it would be scripted as a TV series for Netflix. She has written more than 100 romance and mystery novels. Prior to that she was a journalist and had experiences with filming as a Hallmark critic. So, if you are a film and TV tourist, you probably have the same question we have: How does she feel about her books becoming a TV series?

The Difference with a TV Series

Like many film and TV tourists, we want to learn all we can! We found a great interview with Sherryl Woods and Brenda Novak, a New York Times and USA Today best selling author. In the interview, Woods said she prefers a TV series over a movie. That might be because she likes large complicated scenarios to create a story around.

As an author who has brought to life the complexities of romance, career and family through her characters, there are a lot of twists and turns that can be played out over several episodes of a romance drama. Woods is excited that the experience has come full circle because the TV production creates a process of clarity and brings renewed energy to the story line.

Woods wanted the production to keep the heart and soul of the town and characters, and it does! But don’t expect the screen script to convert exactly from the book. It’s important to understand that the books can’t be conveyed exactly to the screen. The plot is going to change because of the structure of television, and there are only so many characters that television can work into the script. In her interview, Woods said, “The book is so good as it is, take it for what it is, and it’s going to be different.”

While Woods didn’t mention filming locations in her interview, the small town with its charm and friendliness that is the setting for the romance drama series certainly sounds a lot like Covington, Georgia. We’re a community that is close, where our residents and business owners know one another and are often seen lending a helping hand. It’s no wonder that Covington was chosen as a location for the TV series!

The Attraction of Sweet Magnolias

Listening to the interview got us thinking, how does a romance novel series become a TV series? We think it takes a certain romance storyline like the Sweet Magnolias series with its intricate story and dynamics of an ideal romance. The theme of enduring friendships and families is always central to Wood's books. That theme along with the storyline must have been attractive to television producers.

We can’t wait to watch about the three women who have gone through experiences since childhood and kept their relationship, with its triumphs and disasters, while still having strong bonds.

Netflix has approved 10 episodes and production began on July 8, 2019 in Covington. We don’t have the airing date yet, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, Covington is the perfect place for film and TV tourism. See the sights where filming occurred for Sweet Magnolias and many other film and TV productions. Take one of the many tours available in the downtown area. Also, read our previous article Covington Provides Setting for New TV Series “Sweet Magnolias” to learn about local places where Sweet Magnolias was filmed.

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