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Self-Guided Civil War Tour Tip: The City of Covington Cemetery
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Self-Guided Civil War Tour Tip: The City of Covington Cemetery


The city of Covington Cemetery, located off of Church Street,  is one of ten cemeteries in Covington, Georgia. What’s truly intriguing about the cemetery is the way it’s divided into 5 sub-sections showing the changes in the gravestones style and architecture over time. The first section is the City section located in the center and is the largest of the sections. The City section contains many 19thcentury graves following an Egyptian revival architectural style including obelisks. These 19thcentury graves are in contrast to the 20thcentury graves which appear like more modern headstones.


(More modern styled Headstones)                                        (Obelisks style Headstones)

Next is the Confederate Soldiers section located in the Northeast part of the cemetery. Some of the graves in this section are for unknown soldiers. Many of those who lie here died in the one of the several Confederate hospitals located in Covington, Georgia.

The third section of the cemetery is the African American section commonly referred to as the “Old Cemetery” and is in the Eastern central section of the cemetery. This section of the cemetery lacks gravestones and the graves are usually marked by trees, plants, and other landmarks. 

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