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Porterdale's Little Treasure: The White House of Porterdale
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Porterdale's Little Treasure: The White House of Porterdale

Newton County, Georgia is home to a host of cities that hold a rich history while also offering opportunities for both the present and future. Towns such as Oxford and Covington have become homes to burgeoning economic expansion while providing ample space and setting for filming crews to shoot films and television shows. However, another city has also proven itself to be an economic and cinematic epicenter: Porterdale. Porterdale, along with the rest of the cities and towns in the county, has a long and storied history in the development of Georgia. One of the most interesting features of the city is the White House of Porterdale, a house that has become a landmark in the community.


 White House of Porterdale


The White House of Porterdale, formerly known as Cedar Shoals Place, was built by a man named Oliver S. Porter. Porter served as the overseer of the Mill that existed in Porterdale many years ago, a mill that provided the city with its wealth and economic stimulus. Noah Phillips founded the mill to produce wool carding and cotton. The company would be renamed the Cedar Shoals Manufacturing Company and would be later renamed the Porterdale Mills. Porter’s place in the mill’s history came with his marriage to Julia Camp, whose deceased husband originally owned one-half of the business. With his marriage to her, he seized control of the company.


Porterdale Mills


As he came to acquire wealth from the products produced from the mills, Porter built the White House as a southern architectural masterpiece of carpentry and carvings while maintaining subtle sophistication for a home in a mill town. Time passed by and, as Cedar Shoals became Porterdale (named after Porter himself), the White House of Porterdale has continued to stand as a stunning piece of architecture and history.

The White House of Porterdale is a stunning example of how one person’s success can forever change the history and trajectory of a town. Today, it serves as a symbol of what the city of Porterdale once was while serving as a reminder of the innovation needed to keep the city moving forward.



White House of Porterdale


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