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Places To Visit In Georgia: Walk of the Stars Paver #6: The Accountant

Places To Visit In Georgia: Walk of the Stars Paver # 6 The AccountantThere are so many options when searching for places to visit in Georgia. Where to go? What to do? What’s worth my money?  What’s family oriented? Will it be memorable?  Does it fit in my budget? Here’s some food for thought as you decide.

When you think of places to visit in Georgia, do you think of Hollywood? When you hear "Walk of Stars" do you think, Georgia? If you answered no, then maybe you should reconsider the only place more juicy and delicious to visit than Hollywood itself is the “Hollywood of the South,” Covington, Georgia. Perhaps you and your family would also consider visiting the #6 spot on the Covington Walk of Stars which belongs to-- “The Accountant.”

The Accountant, a film of 38 minutes from 2001, boasts more than a handful of awards from the Academy, the Atlanta Film Festival and more. This short movie was filmed in Covington, Georgia by Georgia native Ray McKinnion.

Ray, as a writer, actor and director not only expertly captures the juicy and quite dicey world of corporate America, but craftily highlights the Southern farming culture. On screen McKinnion demonstrates the plights of farmers in an ever growing industrialized world filled with three words: Money--Hungry--Corporations.

McKinnion educated his audience on how delicious the South and its farms, nature and culture can be and how rotted and sour Corporate America is changing it into for their own manufacturing benefit. The film the Accountant gives its viewers a 38 minute visitor pass onto the O’Dell farm and figuratively shows you how it is to struggle on a farm and the affects it has on the communities in the South trying to defend their own against corporate America before they find themselves diced, processed, and canned…

Wanting people to visit his birthplace and understand what is really happening in the South, Ray McKinnion used wit, sincerity, and social criticism to take Hollywood’s Southern stereotypes and throw them "under the plow". Movie Maker Magazine agreed by saying, “A clever blend of wit and social criticism.”  Film Threat was quoted as saying “Hysterical as it is Haunting.” These reviews exemplify how the film in a short 38 minutes left a bad taste in the mouths of people watching and enticed people to pack up and visit.

With so many ties to our great state, it was fitting to add this film as one of the stops on the Walk of Stars as a small thank you from Georgia to Georgia native and back again. McKinnion took his Southern roots, pride and hatred for Southern stereotypes to make the Oscar and Academy Award winning short film one of the juiciest eye opening short films on the Walk of Stars! But don't just stop there. With over 34 stops on the walk and a wide array of places to eat in Covington available in between pavers, we promise you won’t go home hungry for Hollywood information OR good old fashioned southern cooking.

With a little humor and southern spice we hope you don’t forget to consider the Hollywood of the South, Covington, as a place to visit in Georgia your next family vacation! The Walk of Stars welcomes you to the #6 spot; “The Accountant”. With so many things to do in Georgia, stars to see, and filming in Covington, it is safe to say that Covington is the cream of the crop of places to visit in Georgia! Hope to see you soon!

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