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Places To Visit In Georgia For The Perfect Wedding: The Burge Plantation

Things to do In Georgia For The Perfect Wedding: The Burge PlantationNewton County, Georgia is known for its picturesque countryside and stunning landscapes.   The rich history and beautiful scenery create the perfect atmosphere for many special occasions.  If you are planning the perfect wedding, two of the places to visit in Georgia you won't want to miss are The Burge Plantation and The Burnt Pine Plantation. Both are proof positive that the gorgeous grounds that make up Newton County are one of the best places to visit in Georgia when planning a wedding.  The lovely countryside and perfect setting compose the ideal location for an extraordinary event.  That’s why everyone prefers to have their weddings and dinner parties at the Burge Plantation and Burnt Plantation.

The Burnt Pine Plantation is located one hour east of Atlanta.  Its fashionable, yet affordable, setting is what makes Burnt Pine Plantation one of the best places to visit in Georgia for wedding locations.  It includes on-site catering and even an on-site wedding coordinator.  The close proximity to spas and makeup artists puts it on the top of the list for anyone looking for a full range of wedding services so they can relax during the wedding weekend.

The Burge Plantation promises to make your wedding memorable and perfect.  Burge is an historical area with traditional warmth and rich history.  Many people have their ceremony on steps of the Main House, underneath the lovely oaks and on the croquet lawn.  The open lawns and gardens give the Burge Plantation the perfect atmosphere for a lovely wedding.  Two cottages are also available for use by the wedding party, one for the bride and one for the groom.   You are invited to this lovely setting for any event you have planned, but weddings are their specialty.

The Burnt Pine Plantation and the Burge Plantation are two of the most spectacular places to visit in Georgia that will bring the wedding of your dreams to a reality.  Enjoy the incredible atmosphere and gorgeous scenery and provide  plenty of things to do in Georgia for your guests.   Make your event the one that everyone remembers, have it at the Burnt Pine and Burge Plantations.

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