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Newton County's Newest Resident- Bo Bice

Bo Bice has decided to make Newton County Georgia his place to live in GeorgiaCovington, Georgia—“The Hollywood of the South” has done it again! This week we would like to extend a big thank you to Harold Elwin Bice III (also known as Bo Bice.) Bo Bice, the 2nd place winner of Fox’s Season 4 of American Idol performed at our July 4th Celebration.  In honor of his accomplishments and all he has done for our state, Covington has presented him the key to our prospering city! I say job well done Covington, we couldn’t have picked a better recipient than Bo Bice!

Since appearing on American Idol, and releasing his first album in 2005 with RCA, Bice has become a major name in the music industry and boasts a resume busting at the seams in tow with credentials to make even Simon Cowell blush! His first album containing collaborations with Chad Kroeger from Nickelback became certified gold. However, Bice did not stop there. He then went on to create his own record label out of necessity called Sugar Money Records.

A Southern born son from Alabama, Bo grew up with his gospel singing mother who remarried and moved them to England. He was close to his mother but knew being in England that he wanted and needed to pursue music, and spent a major portion of his life making her proud. Bo Bice went on to say in an interview, “I’ve always been a family man.” Going on to explain that leaving home in England where his mother lived was the hardest thing he ever had to do at that point. He reflects on that in his song: “You Take Yourself With You.” – I think it’s safe to say that we all can relate to leaving home for the first time! 

To date Bo prides himself on staying true to his values while still being active in the music industry. Husband, father, and son come before music writer, label owner, charity enthusiast, and entrepreneur. Bo has been very active in the charity and non-profit sector raising money for the troops and their families. He expressed how honored he was to give back to those who give so selflessly to protect our country!  

In 2010, Bice gracious decided to give all of his proceeds from the song "Long Road Back" to those who were trying to recover from the floods in Nashville, Tennessee. He also went on to win a total grand prize on VH1’s Celebrity version of the popular show, “Don’t Forget The Lyrics.”  Bo Bice won $50,000 of which he donated to the NARAS charity organization MusiCares. Being the first celebrity to win the grand prize was good enough for him!

Bo Bice, who is currently residing in Newton County, Georgia, is on tour and the next date is July 19th in Trenton, Michigan! For any information on upcoming events in Covington, Georgia, things to do in Georgia, and Bo Bice you can visit: www.GoCovington.com and www.BoBice.com

Bo, I hope all our viewers will join me in saying thank you for all that you do, we also wish you a successful tour, and a safe speedy trip  home to Newton County!  We can’t think of anyone we’d rather have holding the key to our city! Go Covington!

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