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Take A Netflix Staycation!
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Take A Netflix Staycation!

Sit Back, Relax, and Catch Scenes from Covington, GA

After a mind-numbing work week, who else wishes for a torrential downpour so there’s an excuse to barricade yourself inside? Do you long to just turn down the blinds and settle in for a weekend of escape into mass consumption of whatever Netlflix recommends for you? Getting lost in the lives of fictional characters with baggage that makes yours look like a walk in the park while snacking on an assortment of your favorite sweet treats with the smell of buttery delicious popcorn wafting through the air are what staycation dreams are made of after all. You’ll soon be tuning into recognizable scenes from what might be your own hometown if you reside in Covington, GA.

The lengthy list of television series and movies with scenes shot throughout Newton County continues to grow. Covington’s claim to fame is its ability to be transformed into “Anytown, USA”. This makes it an obvious choice for film production location scouts across all genres. As the demand for streaming content has increased over the years and more people are cutting the cord from cable, Netflix seems to be the favorite go-to provider for on-demand media and access to those binge-worthy shows and movies with roots stretching across the Covington community.

Most anyone and everyone has at least HEARD of Vampire Diaries, unless you’re living under a rock, and it’s reaching a whole new generation of fans who just can’t get enough due to the easy accessibility Netflix provides to marathon watching. No need to let PSD (post-series depression) sink in after the highly debated season finale. You can move right on the The Originals if vampire-werewolf hybrids are up your alley and you’re still craving a connection to The Vampire Diaries. If your thirst is still left unquenched for more in the horror genre, Netflix currently offers up to season eight of The Walking Dead. You’ll catch shots of landmark spots and the winding country roads located in Mansfield, a township on the outskirts of Covington, in the flashback scene of the pilot episode, Days Gone Bye.

Once you’ve gotten your fill of the undead or if scary isn’t really your bag, the Netflix original film, Dumplin’ is that heartwarming, soul lifting kind of movie that gets you right in the feels. The Southern charm of Covington’s downtown square fills in as the heart of Clover City, TX, in this coming of age story paying homage to Dolly Parton’s music catalog as the guide for an overweight teenager fighting through the all too familiar battle of figuring out her identity. Maybe your preference to mellow out on your couch falls more along the lines of reality television, specifically makeover shows with a little twist. Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye features the Covington Fire Department receiving a well-deserved renovation to their kitchen and dayroom as well as a transformation for the department’s training chief in season one, episode eight. Either choice is sure to give you the warm fuzzies all over.

There you have it, a few Netflix gems to rest and relax to the next time you need a break from reality when the storm clouds start rolling in. Curious for more Hollywood of the South™ productions? Check out the growing list at http://www.filmcovington.com/movies-filmed-in-newton-county/.


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