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Mystic Falls Tours Opinion Poll: Are You Team Damon or Team Stefan?

Jessica Lowery, Mystic Falls Tours, Vampire Diaries Tours Guest Blog Post By Jessica Lowery (AKA- The Vampire Stalker) When it comes to The Vampire Diaries, are You Team Damon or Team Stefan? I most certainly am Team Damon! I will scream it loud and clear for all to hear. Are you Team Stefan? If so, then I just don't know what to think about you! I was under the impression that Vampires weren't supposed to cry every single week…did I miss something? OK guys, I am just kidding, don't run away and stop reading now...I will talk about all things Vampire Diaries here so no need to worry. The most important thing to talk about this week as the show is on its small hiatus is the fact that I actually think most fans need this time to process last weeks show. Poor, Poor Jeremy! I don't know about you guys, but I will miss seeing Elena's younger brother. Jeremy went from being this cute teenager to more or less processing all that is Mystic Falls and growing up.  Not to mention what on earth will happen to Elena now that Damon has made the decision to turn her humanity off.  How will Mystic Falls survive without the compass that has been Elena's morality for so long? Don't worry guys, something tells me the writers of The Vampire Diaries know exactly what they are doing. I also think that this turn of events is going to lead to something great, considering Bonnie hasn't really gotten to showcase how awesome a witch can actually be up until now.  At the end of the day I think its time we see some all consuming Black Magic and hopefully Bonnie gets the storyline she deserves. Maybe I should just say I am Team Bonnie and get it over with! I am gonna tell y'all a little secret though...although most weeks we do have some kind of  a death on the show and most times we wish it didn't happen, I can tell you I am counting the days until they kill professor Shane. I honestly don't care if that man lives or dies. I wonder how many other fans feel that way? Someone else we all need to discuss is Silas. Now, you guys know I try my best to be the all-knowing and all-seeing Vampire Stalker in Mystic Falls, but I gotta tell you that I am really looking forward to a surprise or two from that character this season. Lastly, how many of you actually thought the gang would find the cure and Elena would actually drink it? I mean how on earth could things ever be that simple in Mystic Falls? Yeah,  Right! Want to keep the conversation going? Leave us your .02 comments below or find me on a daily basis over at Mystic Falls Tours and Vampire Diaries Tours : www.mysticfallstours.com. Like to be social? Follow me on Twitter via @vampirestalkers.
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