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Movie Star Monday: The Accountant Paver
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Movie Star Monday: The Accountant Paver

        Today on our tour of the Walk of Stars we will come across a film that won an Academy Award in 2001 (74thAward Ceremony) for Short Film (live action). 

The Accountantis a short comedy film released in 2001 that was created by a handful of people including Ray McKinnion who directed, wrote, and stared in as the accountant himself. Other e cast members such as Walton Goggins also worked both behind the scenes and as actors in the film. 

            The Accountant looks at two brothers Tommy and Eddie O’Dell,who have a farm in the south and have fallen into debt. They are looking for ways to repay it by considering less than stella, means such as insurance fraud. Tommy decides to bring in a specialist in fraud, and the “Accountant” suggests a variety of methods for the brothers to use to commit fraud and get the money they need. 


Covington provided a great area for the film with its southern agricultural base being a perfect setting. The location apparently helped for the accountant providing the exact atmosphere that the film needed and was able to play off this solid base with Hollywood of the south exposure of film productions. If your looking for a place to visit for the summer, plan on  Covington! Make your own short film, who knows it may even win an Academy Award and you may see your own paver on the wal

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