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Movie Star Monday: Friday The 13th VI 1980
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Movie Star Monday: Friday The 13th VI 1980

There are several names that are synonymous with horror films in Hollywood: Freddy, Michael, Hannibal, Hell Raiser, Crow, the list goes on…But the one thing that Michael Myers, from Halloween II, has in common with this weeks’ feature is they both filmed in Georgia! This week the Covington, Georgia’s Walk of Stars tour resurrects Jason! That’s right, Jason Lives, Friday the 13th Part VI was filmed in Covington and went to the box office in August of 1986! This horror flick starred several actors who went on to play in Days of Our Lives, 21 Jump Street, Star Trek, L.A. Law, CSI, Bones, Angel and more.  


Jason lives Friday the 13th Part VI picks up on Tommy Jarvis, played by Thom Mathews, and his friend Hawes going to the Graveyard to cremate the body of Jason Voorhees. BUT, Tommy accidentally resurrects Jason due to a lightning storm and now must kill him once and for all! Anyone want to move to Crystal Lake? Or should I say Forest Green? Tommy Jarvis earlier in the series of movies killed Jason in Crystal Lake in self-defense and was institutionalized because he just didn’t believe Jason was really dead.


Tommy, determined to save the town, gets locked in a holding cell by the sheriff who insists Tommy is just insane and therefore worth shrugging off. Changing the name of the town won’t do any good, Crystal Lake will always be remembered for the gruesome and violent, vengeful murders of Jason Voorhees! 


Some featured locations that were used for filming include 1174 Monticello St SW, which was used as the Forest Green County Sheriff Dept.

Our famous clock tower was also seen in the back of some scenes. 

Karloff’s General Merchandise was an old building off of Hwy 213 and Old Starrsville Rd.

Covington Georgia will always be remembered as The Hollywood of the South with the most unique experience for everyone to enjoy! Don’t worry we aren’t changing our name! But as for Jason--Yeah, I think the tour’s safe from him!

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