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Movie Star Monday: Flight 2012 Paver

It’s “Movie Star Monday” again and we have another fan favorite movie with scenes filmed in Covington. This blockbuster hit theaters in 2012 and starred Denzel Washington. “Flight” is about an airplane pilot who manages to save most of his passengers by bringing a malfunctioning plane to a heroic crash landing. When the crash is investigated, the physical state of the pilot during the flight comes into question. The film then dives into the life of the pilot, who is an alcoholic and drug-abuser.


The movie was nominated for two Academy Awards, Best Actor (for Denzel Washington) and Best Original Screenplay, at the 85th Academy Awards. The screenwriter, John Gatins, had originally set this film in Oklahoma, but ended up changing the setting to Atlanta to create both the urban and rural elements the script called for. 


We are proud to say that one of the most interesting parts of the movie was filmed right here in Covington, Ga, the plane crash scene. In the movie the crash happened just outside the city, but due to its large scale production it had to be further away. They choose to film the scene on private property Green Valley Farms, located on an isolated stretch of Highway 278. The set was to be large and elaborate and this was the perfect location to build it. 


This is just one of the over 30 pavers we have around the Covington Square. Be sure to make a trip to walk the historic Covington square and see just a few of the many productions that were filmed here. When you are visiting Covington, plan to stop by the Visitors Center located at 2101 Clarks Street, right off the Square. 

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