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Maureen Dowdell Returns to In the Heat of the Night Filming Locations

Maureen Dowdell from In the Heat of the Night returns to Covington Ga aka Sparta Hey there “In the Heat of the Night” Fans! Something fabulous happened to us the other day and we just had to write about it! Former “In the Heat of the Night” star Maureen Dowdell (Tracey Boggs) came back to Covington, Ga to visit In the Heat of the Night Filming Locations! Many thanks to the Covington News who originally broke the story for us. The girlfriend of Bubba on the hit T.V show "In The Heat Of The Night" presented a cast and crew picture to the Newton County Visitors Bureau! The photo was taken of the cast and crew in Covington Georgia in 1994 at In the Heat of the Night Filming Locations.  Dowdell says she plans on donating all her personal memorabilia from her “heat” days, so stay tuned! As fans of both Ms. Dowdell and "In The Heat Of The Night", this is something we will keep an eagle eye out for. With so many fellow fans across the country, we've been brainstorming some ideas about a possible "In the Heat of the Night" yearly fan event. Our amazing Director of Tourism, Jenny McDonald, is busily weighing all the facts of not only that, but perhaps starting a “Heat” Museum to include memorabilia, locations, and more! The queen of amazing ideas, Jenny even expressed interest in a mock wedding between Tracey Boggs (Maureen Dowdell) and Bubba (Alan Autry), taking place at Covington In the Heat of the Night Filming Locations.  Should the show have continued it would have been interesting as a fan to see if it would have happened! We've been watching quite a few of the "Heat" fan pages on social media, and it seems there is much more than little interest in bringing "In the Heat of the Night" back into the spotlight. With so much in the works here at the Newton County Visitors Bureau, I am sure you’ll be hearing updates again from us sooner, rather than later! Until then, get your "Heat" on with so many things to do in Covington!  
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