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#ManicMonday: Hauntingly Good Ghost Tours in Covington, Georgia
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#ManicMonday: Hauntingly Good Ghost Tours in Covington, Georgia

ghost tourCovington’s Ghost Tours are always a hauntingly good time. We’ve been bringing you some pretty scary sites around Covington, for our #ManicMondays. But, have you just been dying to visit some of Covington’s local haunts for yourself? Today is your lucky day, if you dare. We’re taking you on an exclusive ghost tour and telling you how you can go on a tour of your own!

Your tour begins at Wild Art Gallery, located in the Covington Square. There, you’ll be introduced to Shantee and Kevin Regan, your tour guides. Kevin is the electronics expert and has some pretty convincing evidence of ghostly encounters. But, more on that later. The leader of the tour is Shantee, an actual clairvoyant and all around paranormal prodigy. She always begins her tour by inviting guests to download “Ghost Hunter App” to their smartphones. Word to the wise: Download this app! It will make your Covington Ghost Tour experience into an interactive one. Then, once apps have been installed, it’s off into the night to meet Covington’s resident spirits.

ghost tourYou’ll have to go on the tour yourself, to find out where these supernatural specters roam. And, be advised, this is a walking tour so comfortable shoes are a must. But, should you brave the ghost tour, you’ll hear some incredible history! We heard stories about a ginger-bearded ghost, who has a thing for the ladies, in a historic mansion. There was the story of the disembodied footsteps, roaming a lonely street outside a local shop in the dead of night. Or the ghost of a Civil War solider, who still haunts the hospital turned church near town. But, the story that really chilled our bones was the Covington black widow, an angry woman who killed her husband and lived life as a recluse until her death, in what is now the oldest home in Covington. And, you’ll hear actual accounts of these events from local residents, all thanks to Kevin’s smart-pads and speakers.

We were amazed and astounded at the incredible stories we were privy to on our ghostly tour. But, there are some secrets we’re taking to our graves. You’ll have to go on the tour yourself, to find out! For more information and to book your Covington Ghost Tour visit: http://www.covingtonghosttours.com/

ghost tourWhile you’re there, check out the Gaither’s Plantation Ghost Tour and Overnight Hunt, that’s only available on November 4th and November 5th. You can spend the night in Gaither’s Plantation, one of Covington’s oldest houses, and immerse yourself in the latest ghost hunting techniques. You’ll be joined by the experts from the East Georgia Paranormal Society, as they try to capture undeniable proof of the supernatural. Already interested? You can sign up for your spot at parahunters@yahoo.com. You’ll need a $20 deposit and $35 per ticket. There’s only ten spot available per night, so sign up soon for an unforgettable Halloween experience!

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