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Looking For Places To Visit In Georgia? Ask The Georgia Wildlife Federation!

Are you looking for places to visit in Georgia for your next vacation or staycation?  The Georgia Wildlife Federation can help you pick out the best tourist attractions in Georgia that offer engaging outdoor activities for the entire family. Don’t know where to start your search? The Georgia Wildlife Federation website can educate you about all the unique open-air tourist attractions in Georgia.  The Georgia Wildlife Federation’s mission is to preserve and restore the water, forests, and wildlife in order to make the places to visit in Georgia more enjoyable.  Georgia Wildlife Federation hopes to teach people about the importance of maintaining a healthy habitat in order to raise awareness and appreciation by offering a variety of visitor friendly activities and things to do in Georgia. Camp Charlie in Covington, Ga. is a popular tourist attraction in Georgia enjoyed by the young and the young at heart.  This camp provides a wonderful backdrop where families can come together for a fun-filled weekend of hands-on outdoor activities. Another popular tourist attraction in Georgia is the Great Outdoors Show. During the show, you can enter a turkey calling contest, try out the archery range (for kids 12 and under), watch a reptile show and more!  The Great Outdoors show is paired with two other annual tourist attractions in Georgia.  The Atlanta and Perry Buckarama are known for their famous deer head competitions since 1984.  When visiting any of the tourist attractions in Georgia, always carry a pair of binoculars…you never know when a flock of Brown Thrashers will fly over.  Expect to learn about Georgia’s state flower, the Cherokee Rose, and the legend that ties it to the Trail of Tears.  Get your Flower Power on and find out from the Georgia Wildlife Federation naturalists which specific places to visit in Georgia are best to spot this magnificent white and yellow flower. The things to do in Georgia are limitless, but those that bring more oooos and ahhhs are by far the ones that are outdoors.  Before you get caught up in a whirlwind of responsibilities; allow yourself to savor the moment you bite into a fresh Georgia peach and grab a little sunshine--- Georgia sunshine, that is!
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