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Introducing Jessica Of Mystic Falls Tours

Jessica Lowery, Mystic Falls ToursGuest Blog Post By Jessica (AKA- The Vampire Stalker) I want to introduce myself to all of you that don't know me. My name is Jessica.  Most people around here call me: The Vampire Stalker.  In the beginning, when I would walk into a meeting and hear everyone refer to me as "that Vampire Chick", I wasn't quite sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. As time passed and our business grew, Mystic Falls Tours became something I could be super proud of.  I learned that being a Vampire Stalker was a good thing and in fact it was even important for my community! Who would have thought that a special needs teacher would leave the classroom and migrate to the streets of Covington, Georgia on a daily basis to watch the filming of The Vampire Diaries, then start my own business showing other fans of the show around town? I love living in such a beautiful community and that the Hollywood production companies have Covington as a "Camera Ready Community". The Vampire Diaries are not the only television show filmed here, but right now it seems to be the one show that continues to grow Covington, Georgia as a tourist attraction by leaps and bounds. On an average week Mystic Falls Tours operates several tours around the city of Covington showcasing not only the homes used on The Vampire Diaries series, but the downtown merchants, stores or places to eat in Covington that have hosted an actor or had a crew member enter their doors.  If a certain establishment caters to the Vampire Fandom, then we talk about that as well. It is critically important to help our local businesses grow and prosper. At Mystic Falls Tours, we encourage all of our guests to spend the night at the local hotels or a bed & breakfast, then round out their stay with recommendations on where to eat, buy gas and anything else we can think of while in Covington, Georgia.  All of these things help our community to grow and it gives me great pride to have establishments in our city that I am proud to talk about with visitors. I certainly can't leave out our wonderful home owners who keeps their yards in tip top shape, we appreciate you! To all of you from Covington, Georgia who see us on the square and always take a second to smile or say hi to my tour guests, I want to thank you. It's always nice to hear a guest from another country (yes, we get visitors from all over the world!) talk about how nice we all are here in the South.  It's even nicer to have a repeat guest visiting, who if it wasn't for The Vampire Diaries series, would have never visited Covington, Georgia, much less return here time and again. On Fridays, when the show is in season, I will be posting a Vampire Diaries episode review here. I hope you will keep coming back to stay up to date on what is happening with The Vampire Diaries series and Mystic Falls Tours!    
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