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How Vampire Diaries and The Originals Connect

Vampire DiariesIf you are a Vampire Diaries fan , then you should definitely watch The CW’s new series called “The Originals,” a spin-off of the show.   Two of the original vampires, Klaus and Elijah, that were a nuisance to Elena, Stefan, and all of the other residence of Mystic Falls, have left to handle some business they have in New Orleans, where they once called home.

During the season finale of the “Vampire Diaries” in fall of 2012 we are left with a backdoor pilot to “The Originals”, with Klaus returning to New Orleans to find that one of his flings has become pregnant and that his once protégé Marcel has control over the entire city of New Orleans, including the witches that reside there. Upon seeing how Marcel has gained control and King like status, Klaus wants that for himself and accepts the idea of his unborn child stating “Every King needs an heir.”  His child will be the first hybrid baby, with its father being a hybrid (Klaus) and its mother being a werewolf.

While Klaus and Elijah are in New Orleans, their sister Rebekah remains in Mystic Falls wanting nothing to do with her brother Klaus because she has lost all faith in his ability to be “good.” We are left with the questions; Will Klaus succeed in “becoming King” of New Orleans? Will Rebekah change her mind and help her brothers? Will Klaus finally meet his match? Watch to see what happens in the CW new series “The Originals.”

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