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Homes in The Historic Heartland: Starrsville Plantation
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Homes in The Historic Heartland: Starrsville Plantation


               Everyone wants to have a perfect wedding. Walking down the aisle and saying “I do” to the love of your life should be the happiest moment of your life. In Newton County, Georgia there are multiple venues that host wedding ceremonies that have married couples for decades. However, there is one spot in the county that is a cut above the other venues: the Starrsville Plantation. The plantation, built in 1822, encompasses 753 acres of land needed to make the wedding of your dreams a reality. 

                  The Starrsville Plantation is located in the Starrsville Historic District, which was founded by the Starr and Epps families. Known for hosting events for people both in and out of the community, the plantation has become synonymous with wedding ceremonies. For people who are searching for a rustic wedding for their nuptials, this is the place for you. Located just off County Highway 213, the estate is home to a beautiful pecan orchard, breathtaking farm land, a four thousand square foot barn, and a main house, which was built in 1836. The main house provides a place for preparation, where the bridal party can get dressed, relax, and take pictures before the knot is tied. Weddings occurring in the spring and summer can utilize a cabin for the groomsmen to dress and can serve as a backdrop for wedding pictures. 

                  Along with the illustrious features of the estate, the land also includes six lakes, which adds to the beauty of the area. The barn on the property is the perfect place to celebrate the newly married the couple, giving guests a place to eat, dance, and commune with others. Of course, the estate offers several acres of land upon which the actual wedding can be held. The immense beauty and size of the Starrsville plantation is not only the perfect location for a wedding, but it is also the perfect location for filming crews, such as the  Amazon show Lore

                 The Starrsville Plantation has been a home for weddings for centuries, helping couples have the most beautiful experience for their most perfect day. Come and enjoy the amenities available at the Starrsville Plantation and while you’re here, explore more of the community with a visit to Covington, Georgia. Not only would you learn more about the area, but you’ll enjoy experiences to last a lifetime


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