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Covington, GA 30014


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Hollywood of the South Tourist Attractions in Georgia

When planning a Hollywood South vacation, Covington is the best place to visit in GeorgiaCovington has become a city renowned for its filming and has been dubbed  the "Hollywood of the South". People from all over the United States seeking Hollywood South vacations and tourist attractions in Georgia flock to the small town to get a taste of the glitz and glamor.  Numerous films have been shot in this charming southern town throughout the years. What is not immediately known is that the historical courthouse of Covington, happens to be one of only five courthouses in the state, built in a French style architecture common in the 1800's. Because of their classic look, this gorgeous court house and the adjoining Covington Square have been featured in a plethora of filming projects. The famous cult classic, "Dukes of Hazzard", not only featured the courthouse,  but filmed scenes in other areas of Covington.  The town has hosted stars such as John Schneider, Catherine Bach, Jessica Simpson, Johnny Knoxville and Sean William Scott.  Not to mention, Willie Nelson and Lynda Carter. In recent years, another series with a cult following called "The Vampire Diaries", has regularly used the Covington Square as their back drop.   If you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries, you will recognize the front of the Court House and Mystic Grill as regular Vampire Diaries filming locations. Here are just a few more famous filming locations in Covington, Georgia you may want to visit: • The First United Methodist Church was used as a setting for the feature film, "A Man Called Peter". • When the famous car in Dukes of Hazzard made its first jump, it covered a distance of eighty-one feet in front of Seney Hall at Oxford College. • The Civic & Fraternal Clubs in Dukes of  Hazzard were filmed inside Candler Hall on the Oxford College Campus. If the timing is right, Covington can be bustling with famous celebrities. Tourists love taking the  filming locations tours, or Vampire Diaries Tours where they may rub elbows with  famous stars and  marvel at the beauty of the charming town.  The tourist attractions in Covington Georgia expand everyday with more tours and Hollywood glam.  Don't wait to plan your Hollywood South Vacation and visit the "Hollywood of the South"- you never know what celebrity you might see walking down our streets!
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