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Hollywood of the South, Here in Covington

Hollywood of the SouthWhy is Covington, Georgia considered the ‘Hollywood of the South’?  With the mix of such diverse settings and beautiful architecture, it was already an ideal place for filming.  Then, the former Governor Sonny Perdue passed an incentive package for filming that provides a 30% tax credit to production companies that film within Georgia. 

This incentive has helped to boost the film industry in and around Covington, with numerous movies and hit shows, such as the Vampire Diaries, filmed right in Covington.  Businesses based around this new industry have opened up, including the Mystic Falls Tours and the Mystic Grill.  A new soundstage studio is being planned for construction in Covington, which is sure to bring even more Hollywood magic to the city.

This initiative has been an economic boon to the state, bringing in over $879 million for 2012, which increased from $132 million in just 2007.  As well as bringing in all of these new, steady jobs, the film industry has created new opportunities for businesses that cater to tourism and retail. 

With all of these opportunities and resources, it’s exciting to see what the next entertainment will be that comes out of the Hollywood of the South!

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