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Hollywood of the South : Get Low with Robert Duvall

Great Scenes from Get Low, Filmed in Covington Georgia

YouTube - Get Low 

Image Credit: moviemaniacs at YouTube Robert Duvall: "I'm after a funeral." Bill Murray: "Boy, are you in luck."

YouTube - Get Low 

Image Credit: moviemaniacs at YouTube Sissy Spacek: "I wondered if you were still under that beard." Robert Duvall: "Wouldn't know where else to go."

YouTube - Get Low 

Image Credit: moviemaniacs at YouTube Robert Duvall: "It's about time I get low."

A True Story of a Tennessee Hermit

The movie is based on a true story of Felix “Bush” Breazeale, of Roane, Tennessee. Born in 1864, in the small town of Roane, Bush lived and grew up on his family’s farm. He never married, and is quoted as saying, “The one I wanted, I couldn’t get, and the ones I could get I didn’t want.” In his later years, he became somewhat of a hermit. But then in 1938, the local newspaper announced that Bush planned to host his own funeral. Word of the unheard-of event spread far and wide. Life magazine featured a photo of him, and the Associated Press reported on his story. Ten thousand people showed up for the funeral.

 YouTube - Get Low 

Image Credit: sentieriselvaggi at YouTube While talking about the film industry in the informal interview above, Robert Duvall says, “Hollywood is a strange place – it’s a mecca, but it doesn’t have all the answers, at all.” And that seems to be true, judging by the growing number of movies being filmed in and around in Covington Georgia, the Hollywood of the South.

 YouTube - Get Low 

Image Credit: neomax1 at YouTube The video above explains how Get Low producer Dean Zanuck invited local residents of Covington, Georgia and surrounding areas to come and party in 30's costumes. His goal was to fill up a field full of people in order to recreate the famous funeral, but locals also got a chance to meet the actors and film crew, and just have a good time during this filming in Covington. Dean says he worked on the film for 7-8 years, and finally everything came together. He described the story of Bush in this way: “He wants to throw this party… for everybody to tell a story about him… it’s really a chance for him to clear the air and tell the real story of what took place so long ago…It’s a real human drama about reconciliation and forgiveness.”

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