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History of the Covington/Newton County:  Mid 1900s
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History of the Covington/Newton County: Mid 1900s

The history of Covington is something that we treasure strongly and take pride in sharing with other tourist and locals. In the 1950s, the world was still recovering from World War II and Covington was no different. 

After the war Covington’s population grew from 5,000 to 8,167 by 1960 (today, Covington’s population is over 13,000). Covington’s history in the 1950's consisted of the construction of highway 278 North and the building of the Hub Drive-In. The Hub Drive in operated from through the 1980s.The massive field contained one screen and could park over 325 cars. During that time, the theater became a local hot-spot for young couples and families alike. One of the greatest attributes of the drive-in was that the entire family could enjoy a night out at the movies. Popcorn, Coke, Junior Mints all were available at the Snack Bar.

Educational impact was also at the forefront during the 1950s. After the consolidation of Newton County and City of Covington schools in 1947, a new high school was to be built. From 1949-1950 Newton County High School was built on Speedway Drive which is known as Newton Drive today. The first principal of the school was Homer F. Sharp and he initiated a twelve-grade program that began in the fall of 1950. Integration of Newton County public schools began in 1950s but it was not until the 1960s that Newton County Schools were fully integrated. 


In 1952 US highway 278 was constructed just south of the Georgia Railroad. Though the route did not disrupt a great deal of significantly developed property, it did provide a much needed, and long lasting, change for Covington. The highway defined a border between the town on its south side and North side (including Covington Mill). This provided the opportunity for the development of many strip malls and provided  strong complement for downtown businesses. 



Covington Georgia’s rich history can date back to the early 1800s when Newton County was first founded by Sergeant John Newton. Looking back at the history of our town we can truly see how much we have evolved but still maintain a historic environment. If you are interested in learning more about the history of Covington, join us for a historical event that will teach you the history of the Covington square on the Covington Square! These special events are on May 15thand May 22nd. Learn more about this event by clicking here

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