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Historical Places To Visit In Georgia- The Depot

Historical Places To Visit In Georgia- The DepotVideo provided by Oxford College of Emory University If you are searching for interesting things to do in Covington, Georgia you won't have to look far. Across Asbury Circle from Oxford College Freshman Residence Hall resides The Depot. This historic building was built in 1916 as a railway station. For over 50 years, travelers would board the "Silver Comet", which would take passengers all the way to New York City without changing trains. In the 1940's the station master's cat would frequently escape from the baggage room. According to legend, the cat would stand on his hind legs, grab the door knob with both paws and twist until the door knob popped open. The Depot was also featured in a short story by Georgia writer, Flannery O'Connor. Passenger service from The Depot was discontinued in 1969 and parcel service ceased in 1970. For a time The Depot housed the Emory Credit Union. Since 1982 the old railway station has been home to a series of eateries. Today, a delicious Buffet restaurant named Depot Country Station calls The Depot home. If you are looking for additional tourist attractions in Georgia or other places to visit in Georgia during your trip, take a jaunt to Oxford College of Emory University with its picturesque grounds and notable historical landmarks.
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