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Hidden Treasures of Clarks Grove in Covington, Georgia

Clarks GroveClarks Grove is a Covington, Georgia neighborhood based on the principal of traditional neighborhood development. This has created a tight-knit community. What most people don’t know is that in the heart of this neighborhood there are a few hidden local businesses. Two of these hidden gems are Bella Salon and Milazzo’s Ristorante. Bella Salon is one of the first businesses you will see upon entering Clarks Grove. Located on the corner of the strip mall, the charming storefront draws people in. Two friends named Kim Terrell and Janice Dukes founded the salon on one main word: quality. These two use only the best quality products on their customers. They believe that spending a little extra money to ensure the customer is happy is the best way to do business. However, the best part about Bella Salon, aside from the amazing hairstyles, is the friendly atmosphere. When you take your first step into the salon you feel as if you are among old friends. The salon is warm and inviting, which creates friendly conversations. The women of Bella Salon make getting your hair done an experience instead of a chore. The other Clarks Grove gem is Milazzo’s Ristorante, a Covington, Georgia born business. Christina Milazzo opened her restaurant in 2013. The small store has been bustling ever since it’s founding. This is most likely due to the wonderful aromas that drift out of the restaurant.IMG_3848 Milazzo’s offers lunch, dinner, and drinks in a restaurant that makes you feel like you were teleported to Italy. Not only do they have amazing food, but they also offer special events: like wine tastings, whiskey & bourbon dinner tastings, and holiday dinners. If you’re free on Wednesdays from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, they even offer a special: Wine down Wednesday where you can get half price bottles of wine. Those who are unaware of their presence can easily pass up these two hidden treasures. However, visiting these two local businesses is a treat. Not only do they both have great people, but they also bring a great service to the local community. Next time you’re walking around Covington, Georgia, I encourage you to stop by Clarks Grove and check them out.
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