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Getting the true 'Hollywood of the South' experience: Vampire style

Over the years, there have been countless movies and TV shows filmed in the Hollywood of the South : Covington, GA. One of the most well-known and the second-longest running television series that’s filmed here is The Vampire Diaries. Since 2009, The Vampire Diaries have transformed Covington, GA into Mystic Falls, VA.

This beloved show has accumulated many fanVampire-Stalkers-1-copys who visit Newton County to get an inside look onto The Vampire Diaries set. Luckily for the enthusiasts, no one gives a better behind-the-scenes look into Mystic Falls than the tours offered by The Vampire Stalkers: Mystic Fall Tours.  Jessica and her husband, Travis, have been stalking the vampires of Mystic Falls since season 1, and know all the best places to go to spot a vampire.

The tours they offer go beyond standing behind a fence with a camera, and take you straight into the Lockwood Mansion, where they have exclusive tour rights, and through town square.  This includes the Mystic Grill cafe, which is going to be opening as a working restaurant soon.  Not only are these Vampire Stalker guides going to give you access unlike any other tour, they provide you with so much insider information like no other tour could; The Lowery’s knowledge of Mystic Falls, coupled with their friendships with the cast makes for an unforgettable experience for every tour-goer. Any The Vampire Diaries fan making a stop in the Hollywood of the South should make room in their schedule for this tour and become a Vampire Stalker, like the rest of us.

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