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#ForeverMysticFalls: One Year Anniversary of The Vampire Diaries Series Finale
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#ForeverMysticFalls: One Year Anniversary of The Vampire Diaries Series Finale

Every fan remembers the first time they watched The Vampire Diaries. Something about the characters, the story, and the setting captivated us so much that years later we are still invested in the stories of these characters navigating through the hardships of love and life and a little bit of the supernatural. A year ago, we said goodbye to these beloved characters. Today, we remember what they meant to us and what they still do. Many of us who have watched it since the beginning even grew up with the show, from pre-teens to almost adults, it has been there with us.


Last year on March 10, 2017, the Square in Downtown Covington, one of the prime filming locations for the show, hosted the airing of the series finale. Fans from all around the world gathered for this event to reminisce and celebrate what this meant to them. The day was dubbed "Founder's Day" and provided a multitude of events for the fans and visitors, followed by the screening of the finale later that night on the lawn of the Square for everyone to experience together.  Even now, there is still a fan gift shop at the Square, and fans visit the places that they saw on screen, giving a sense of stepping into the TVD's very own Mystic Falls. 

We remember the plot twists, the story arcs, the palpitations when our favorite brother came on screen or those special moments.  Like when Elena and Damon first kissed at the motel while "A Drop in the Ocean" started playing. Also, that first fight scene in the beginning with Damon and Stefan. Or may the time when everyone believed that Damon and Bonnie were dead only for them to come back, and when everyone had to say goodbye to Elena before she is put into her long slumber.  These moments meant something to us. They were personal because we were so invested in these characters that saying goodbye seemed almost impossible, even if we were ready for the story to come to an end and put the characters to rest.                                                                


Although the series has ended, The Vampire Diaries will forever be immortalized in our hearts, and we are “Forever Mystic Falls.” Make your plans today to come and experience it for yourself, and we look forward to hearing you say #ilovcovga. 


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