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Find Your Vacation Homes in Covington
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Find Your Vacation Homes in Covington

In the market for a vacation home or an investment property? Why not Covington - Newton County? You can be sure the initial expense would be more than worth it for an abundance of reasons, but the fact that Covington remains the “Hollywood of the South” may take the cake. The latest filming buzz created by season two of CW’s Legacies brings frenzied fans from around the world in droves to catch a glimpse of their favorite vampire, werewolf, or witch. Not to mention, film crews are always looking for accommodations that have more of a home away from home vibe. It just may be your vacation home they choose!

Home-renting has become mainstream with over 150 million people using short and long term rentals in  2018. Besides the ample amenities and recreational opportunities peppered from one side of the county to the other, camera-ready Covington has withstood the test of time as a crux for television and film production. Over the last decade alone, there has been a swelling rise of cinematic features and series shot on location stretching throughout the county. Don’t believe us? Just ask the crew of Legacies why they consider Covington their home away from home and continue to come back to rest their laurels here. 

The spin-off series to its predecessors The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, Legacies brings an ever evolving and expanding audience to the area. In July of this year alone, 5,411 tourists visited Covington and estimated 95% stayed in Covington and not nearby metro Atlanta. The local economy thrives from the influx of fans and film crews alike through hotel/motel occupancy tax and dollars spent in local businesses and restaurants. Not only does this provide tax relief for homeowners and residents; but creates an increase in local and state tax revenues. The filming industry continues to make a positive influence on the Covington - Newton County community with the future growth of Three Ring Studios poised to maximize that impact. 

As you’re narrowing down your choices for a secondary residence or vacation home, let the flourishing film culture found here be a reminder of the many benefits of owning a home in an inherently charming small town such as ours.

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