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Filmed in Covington: Footloose 2011

Hollywood of the South, the city of Covington Georgia for filming Footloose 

Image Credit: ParamountPicturesBE at YouTube Ren McCormack, (played by Kenny Wormald), is the new kid, unknowingly arriving in a “town without dance”. 

Footloose was filmed in Covington, Georgia and follows the story of young Ren McCormack, who just can not accept the ban on music and dancing enforced by the City Council of Bomont, Georgia. (The ban started as a result of the death of several of the town’s teenagers in a tragic driving accident after a long night of partying.) The movie stars Dennis Quaid, Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald. Film crews were in the town of Covington, Ga from September to November 2010 for the scenes calling for down-home, southern style realism. The courtroom scene in the movie was filmed at Newton County’s historic courthouse in the Covington Square. To the delight of local Covington residents, an open casting call was held at DeKalb Technical College.


Won Away from Tennessee

The film’s writer and director, Craig Brewer, lives in Memphis and was hoping to locate the movie in Tennessee. However, in the end, the Footloose remake was filmed in the city of Covington Georgia, the Hollywood of the South, perhaps because of the state’s generous film tax credits. Austin, executive director of the Association for the Future of Film and Television in Tennessee, was quoted as saying, “What's that old saying about death by a thousand cuts? To lose 'Footloose' to Georgia was a disaster." Georgia’s expanding film production industry also wooed away another film that many thought would go to Tennessee: Get Low, starring Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, and Sissy Spacek - which was also filmed in Covington, Ga. earlier in 2009.

Footloose Final Dance Scene – 2011

True to the original version, the 2011 final dance scene takes place after Ren and the gang fight off some local bad boys intent on trouble. They then go to the dance, where Ren throws confetti into a shredding machine and yells, “Let’s Dance!” … to the toe-tapping music of “Footloose” by Blake Shelton. This latest version is more tightly choreographed, and is a bit more “edgy” than its predecessor.

 Footloose Remake was filmed in the Hollywood of the South 

Image Credit: carson seeley at YouTube – Final Dance Scene - 2011

The Footloose remake was filmed in Covington after beating out Tennessee 

Image Credit: carson seeley at YouTube – Final Dance Scene - 2011

Footloose Final Dance Scene -1984

The Hollywood of the South hosted the filming of the Footloose remake 

Image Credit: nugeproductions93 at YouTube – Final Dance Scene - 1984

The Footloose Remake was filmed in Covington, Georgia 

Image Credit: nugeproductions93 at YouTube – Final Dance Scene - 1984 

As you can see, in the final dance scene in the 1984 version of Footloose, the dresses have a “dated” look, the lighting is brighter, and of course, the inimitable style of Kevin Bacon remains a timeless classic.  The newer remake which was filmed in Covington is sure to become a classic of its own.

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