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Famous Homes of Covington
Mia Martin
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Famous Homes of Covington

Do you ever daydream of plantation style homes with wrap around front porches, swing chairs, and large white pillars? Have you ever wanted to walk through a gorgeous flower garden or even dance under the Georgia sun while thinking of freshly baked scones and sweet tea? The wonderlands that you fantasize about aren’t too far away, and the historical homes of Georgia can help inspire your next daydream about beautiful homes. If you are a book enthusiast and would like to dive deep into the rich stories and history of some of Newton County’s most beautiful homes, start with “The Glory of Covington.” The following excerpt was taken from the book to help paint the beautiful picture of homes one could only dream of.

Excerpt from the foreword: This book is the outgrowth of an interest in the history of one of the beautiful antebellum houses for which Covington has long been known. Research opened so many avenues and revealed so much in the way of interesting historical data that soon the scope of my investigations was broadened to include all of the existing Greek Revival houses. In writing this book, I set out to confine it entirely to columned structures. The unfolding of the various chapters, however, provided opportunities for including a small number of houses sans columns which were worthy of mention because of interesting persons or events associated with them.

Once you have satisfied your desire to read about beautiful Georgia homes. Bring your dreams to life by taking the Self-Guided Home Tour. You can learn more about the tour here: https://gocovington.com/Newsroom/places-to-visit-in-georgia-self-guided-historic-home-tour-in-covington

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