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Covington Walk of Stars - Remember the Titans

remember the titans

When thinking about places to visit and things to do, we’d love for you to remember Covington, Georgia!  Georgia has played host to many films and TV shows over the years earning Georgia her nickname “The Hollywood of the South.” To stay true to her moniker, Georgia has designed and implemented an amazing tour called, The Covington Walk of Stars. Every week we discuss a different spot on the tour and rightfully so, this week we’d like to introduce the #12 spot which belongs to a very inspirational film - Remember the Titans!

Inspired by a true story, Remember the Titans film came to the box office in September of 2000 and became an instant hit! Starring A-List actors Denzel Washington, Will Patton, Hayden Panettiere, Kate Bosworth, Wood Harris and more this top notch heart-wrenching and yet fondly heart-warming film follows the lives of people in Alexandria Virginia in the 1970s as the new coach (Denzel Washington)  tries to take a racially divided team and make them come together as one...as a team. Remember the Titans became a hit sport film due to its take on racism, discrimination, sports, athleticism, and societal standards. The films collaborative efforts from many production companies of which some being Walt Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer pushed this film to gross over 100 million dollars in ticket sales.

Remember the Titans is more than just another football film. Remember the Titans is a great true story about people overcoming adversity and coming together as a community helping its youth become intelligent productive members of society not blinded by the colors of peoples skin. A lesson that took many over generations to learn--

The Covington Walk of Stars places you into the filming and action of Remember the Titans and makes you feel the drama and the triumph of the film and the real life story the film represents. No other place can give you the same feeling and promise you more than Covington Georgia and its’ Covington Walk of Stars! It truly is, “The Hollywood of the South.”

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