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Covington Walk of Stars: My Cousin Vinny (1992)

Covington Walk of Stars              The  Covington Walk of Stars is a place where you can find Hollywood in Georgia, also where a lot of your favorite movies and television shows have been filmed.  To get the full experience of most of the films that have been filmed there, you can go on Covington’s Walk of Stars tour. On which, you will learn more about featured movies and shows.  One movie that is featured on tour is “My Cousin Vinny,” which can be found on the ninth stop of the tour.

                It is a movie about two college kids, Bill and Stan, from the North that gets thrown in jail and are accused of murder.  With no money and no friends in the South, Bill calls his cousin Vinny who is an expert motormouth and street-level logician form Manhattan, New York.  Shortly after receiving the call Vinny and his fiancée Mona Lisa arrive in Alabama to represent the two boys.

                Being Vinny’s first time going through a trial, the judge, Bill, and Stan had no faith in this ability to represent Bill and Stan.  With the constant support from his fiancée, Vinny hit the books and studied as if his life depended on it so that he could represent Bill and Stan at the best of his ability.

                The cast of this movie include: Joe Pesci (Vinny), Marisa Tomei (Mona Lisa Vito), Ralph Macchio (Vinny’s cousin Bill Gambini), and Mitchell Whitfield (Stan Rothenstein).  It is in “My Cousin Vinny” that Marisa Tomei won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.  This film was also praised for the realistic depiction of the courtroom proceeding and trail strategy.

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